Why The Shameless Mack & Unpredictable Playa is Hated By The Average Guy

Why The Shameless Mack & Unpredictable Playa is Hated By The Average Guy

Now I can tell you from experience that being a playa or man of game comes with a lot of scrutiny from the average joe for reasons you would never expect. The first is hidden behind the fake mask of chivalry that they put on in hopes of winning women over.

These poor souls have been conditioned by society to bend over backwards for women to do things that are clearly not in their best interest in hopes of one day getting the girl, and the funny thing is women know how manipulative these guys are being. I’ve actually heard countless funny stories from girls telling me how they use guys for different things ALL THE TIME, and most of these guys will gladly allow the girls to use them like u see in this pic for example….


How pathetic is this guy…lol.

Now the sad thing these guys will eventually discover is that life really ever works like those little fairy tails they’ve been lead to believe by the media and well meaning women figures in their lives….well, for the purposes of having sex anyway 🙂 .

You see, while these average nice guys are doing all these things for the girl and getting no sex in return, playas like myself are sleeping with their sweet little princes and these dudes know its happening in many cases. But, in hopes of getting that ass…they will stay and pray to one day get with this “girl of their dreams” after shes been pumped and dumped. Now don’t get me wrong….some of these guys EVENTUALLY get the girl after all the playas have had their way with her and shes not as attractive as she was when she was younger. It does happen, but it leaves the average guy feeling bitter and mad about the playas that were digging her out and doing all types of nasty things to his futer wife to be.

Another reason the average guy hates a playa is because when they see one in action doing crazy things they wish they could do, it makes them feel inadequate. You see a lot of guys always talk about how they can get any girl they want and they know the perfect things to say to her to make it happen but when you ask them to approach a random chick to demonstrate this….THEY RARELY EVER DO IT.

Instead they come up with a million excuses to avoid doing what they claim to be able to do simply because they dont know how to approach random females and spark up a conversation. So when they see a playa doing his thing, this enrages them, simply because they don’t know how. The only way most of them ever get a girlfriend is through their social circle so meeting more women out of that reality is a scary endenver for them.

So What Can The Average Guy Do To Get The Haterade Out His System?

Its human nature to be envious of people that we perceive to be better than us in different areas of our lives. Regardless of whether its getting girls, making money, living an amazing lifestyle or whatever. Instead of hating these people, why not learn from them and adapt the positive qualities they have into your own life? If anything, this will force you to become a better version of yourself and you’ll grow as a human being in the process. Now i know a lot of people misunderstand what i mean when i talk about being a playa, so feel free to click here if you’d like to know more.

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