How To Pick Up Women At Bars And Nightclubs…Even If They Came With Guy Friends

How To Pick Up Women At Bars And Nightclubs…Even If They Came With Guy Friends

So the other night I hit up a local club that i enjoy going to in Downtown Vancouver. It wasn’t as packed as it normally is on Friday nights but i totally enjoyed the evening. I should probably write a field report about the crazy adventures I got into but I got a feeling I’ll be writing two of them on my other blog. Anyways, enough about me, lets talk about how to pick up girls in a nightclub or bar in front of dudes she came with.

OK, first thing’s first. Use COMMON SENSE and caution when applying the strategies im sharing with you in this article. It could end badly if you don’t do what im going to tell you correctly.

This point is worth repeating mothafukas….Use COMMON SENSE.

Within three seconds of spotting a girl you like in the bar or nightclub you need to step up to her instantly. No thinking …just doing. Grow some balls and step up little buddy…no fucken excuses or giving yourself a way out.

Now when you go in, keep an eye out for who’s in her vicinity. If she came out with a group of guys, you need to be aware that some of those guys are probably trying to fuck her like you’re obviously trying to do. So going at her directly could trigger an angry response from the guys, which is totally understandable from their perspective….or she just might shut you down because she doesn’t want to look bad in front of her group. Remember, you are a stranger in her eyes so the opinion of her friends matter more to her than you do…sorry, its just the way it is.

At this point, you have two options at your disposal. Either go in directly like a soldier and risk the back lash that could come from that course of action or befriend the group and indirectly hit on the girl when you have an in. I use both technics depending on the situation at hand. So how do you know which course of action to take here?

I’ve been in this situation MANY TIMES and i fucked it up a couple times until i got good at getting a feel of the right approach. Its something that cant be told to you buddy…you just have to get up off your ass and learn through experience. Its the best way yo get good at game but there are faster alternatives to help you get there.

If you are a newbie at pickup or a semi advanced dude that needs a little help with learning how to attract women in clubs or bars, I would suggest checking out my pick up guide. It’s 100% focused on teaching guys how to pick up chicks at these venues and it gives you access to TONS of hidden cam footage of me scooping up random girls so you can see how a true player operates in real life.

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