How To Make A Girl Kiss You Without Doing Anything or Even Trying to Impress Her

How To Make A Girl Kiss You Without Doing Anything or Even Trying to Impress Her

Lately Ive been reading articles by Good Looking Loser about aggressively screening girls to see if they are sexually available or not…and I admit, I like what Chris (the main author of that blog) has to say. He has an interesting perspective on this topic, which im graceful borrowing at the moment…when approaching random girls that i want to kiss within 1 to 5 minutes. So how do you get a girl to kiss you without doing the usual bullshit guys do when they meet a girl?

Well i could just give you a to do list but i feel like i wouldn’t be doing you justice if i don’t give you real life examples of the ideas im sharing with you today. To make this work, Ill explain the concepts in field report format (my pick up adventures as i like to call them). This way, you see the concepts in action and hopefully apply them in your game some how.

STEP #1 – Put Yourself In A Good Mood

My Friday night started off pretty slow because i broke up with one of my girls. She wanted a little more than i was willing to give so i thought it might be best for us to go our separate ways. So as you can imagine, i wasn’t in the best mood ever. I normally like gaming girls solo but a friend hit me up and wanted to chill so we decided to hit up some happy hour bars before heading to the club. I figured it would be a good idea to wing it with a friend for a change since it would probably help keep my mind off of what just happened with the girl i let go.

STEP #2 – Start Approaching Girls Naturally

So on my way to meet my friend, i spotted a group of three girls that looked kinda cute. I needed to do a few warm up approaches to wake the sleeping beast within. These girls were rather friendly but clearly just looking to converse so i enjoyed their company for a few minutes and left them smiling as i walked away.

I soon met up with my friend and we chopped it for a bit because we hadn’t seen each other for some time. After a while, a group of four girls and one guy walked by us. We approached them and sparked a convo. The set was a little awkward at first but the girls came around after my boy kept drilling the group. We kept pushing to see what could potentially happen with these girls, but nothing really solid was going down so we dipped to another bar.

While at the bar we met these two cute girls that turned out to be sisters. My boy got in pretty well with one of the girls and eventually switched numbers with her. Unfortunately for me, the other girl seemed like she really loved her boyfriend who she constantly kept telling me about. It was clear that she wasn’t gonna let me kiss her…or let alone fuck her any time soon but i just hung in there for the sake of my boy.

STEP #3 – Spot A Target And Go In Hard

After chatting up a few other girls in the bar, I felt my energy levels rising. I was nicely warmed up and ready to take over the city as we left the bar to go to the club. As we got closer to the venue, i spotted two hot girls (a blond and brunet) crossing a street light (headed in the opposite direction of where we where going). I got an instant boner just looking at them and decided to approach them there and then. My friend hesitated because cops were walking in front of the girls but hell no….i wasn’t gonna let that stop me. My dick was too hard to let this go!

So i did what any seriously turned on man would do when he sees a random woman that he wants…i approached the girls and looked them dead in their eyes as I introduced myself. The blonde girl, that was closer to me by the way…lit up and said hi to me as her eyes grew bigger by the second. She was completely open to anything i want and I could tell she wanted to kiss me on the spot 🙂

Unfortunately, we had to cross the street because the lights changed as her brunette friend pulled her by the hand. The second we crossed over, the brunette said no as she walked towards me. She was just as sexy as the blonde so i felt no shame in my game when i gave her the same treatment that i gave her friend. (looking deep into her eyes while thinking how sexy she looks as i peaked at her luscious lips). She started giggling as i leaned in for a kiss and she reciprocated by making out with me.


The tactic that i used to kiss this girl was more aggressive and direct. You can learn how to use a variation of the same technique in the video tutorial bellow. Its a solid video with four different techniques that you can easily use. If you don’t like going direct like i do, you can always use one of the other three tactics here.

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