2 Reasons Why Cuckolds Should Kill Themselves Or Change

2 Reasons Why Cuckolds Should Kill Themselves Or Change

Technology and the world has evolved at a fast pace but its sad looking at how many men have slowly devolved with the times. Don’t believe me? Take a look at whats happening with this whole cuckold sensation. For those that dont know what a cuckold is, its a dude that likes to watch his wife get banged by another man and he loves to get humiliated by her. Word is many of these guys like to go to the point of letting the other guy cum in his wife and then they suck the sperm out of their women. How pathetic are these losers?

I honestly believe dudes like this are borderline gay because no self respecting STRAIGHT MAN would put up with this foolishness from his women. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have nothing against gay people because what they do is their business and we are all blessed to live in free world where you are welcome to do whatever you please with your sexuality. If anything, i respect them for being true with who they are at the core. Cuckolds on the other hand get no respect.

Funny thing is one of the chicks i met outside the club on Saturday night turned out to be married. I know because i saw this giant wedding ring on her sexy hand and she answered a call from her husband while i was spitting game in her ear. After she got off the phone she started telling me all types of crazy things about her husband. No…i didn’t sign up to bang her with her husband watching by the way. Im not into that freaky shit….lol. That interaction just inspired this post but i digress. Here’s the 2 main reasons why cuckolds get no respect for me.

  • 1 – They Dont Respect Themselves

A cuckold doesnt respect himself because if he truly did, he would never allow his wife to put him in that position….EVER.

  • 2 – They Dont Respect Their Wives

As for the guys that ask their wives to do this to them, I’d respectfully have to tell their wives that their husband is most lightly gay and she might be better of walking out of that relationship so dude can come to peace with his sexuality.

How Does This Cuckold Pandemic Relate To What We Do As Playas?

Part of being a playa is in how you carry yourself as a man. Its not only about just getting some sex from a chick. Being a person of game is a self help thing. The longer you do it and start to grow as a man, you will learn that women will treat you how you want to be treated because many of them are genuinely warm and comforting at their core. They don’t do this with most dudes because a lot of men let their woman walk all over them. However, when they come across a mack or a person of game…they know that they are in the presence of a thorough dude that’s not putting up with the bullshit. In other words, if shes not in line after being checked a couple times…she knows that this kind of guy will leave her ass. This is guy you want to become.

For a deeper understanding about what im telling you, I strongly suggest listening to this video by Tariq Nasheed. Its a radio show with some entertaining stuff on it but the lessons im sharing start at the 6:40 mark.

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